Lose the Excuses and Find Inner Strength You Never Knew Existed

It sucks to suck.

Yesterday I wrote about being unhealthy and then reaching a personal reckoning that sent me on a path back to good health.

In the time since, the last year has been the most challenging and fulfilling time of my life.

I got healthy again and lost 55 pounds. Then my mother got cancer. Then my wife and I had another baby. Then my father passed away. Then a personal epiphany happened that forced me to rethink my time on this Earth and reprioritize how I would spend that time.

To get started, I had to get healthy again; which the fulfillment of doing so ended up being one of the most satisfying personal challenges of my life.

But the way back was rough. I was down and out. Nobody was getting through to me and I wasn’t rising to the occasion as the world went mad.

Then that day came when I got tired of feeling like garbage all the time.

And decided to change.

I included a screenshot of an early workout.

Note the time per mile. A person of average fitness could just about walk that fast.

But I kept at it, and progress came rapidly.

Each and every small victory over the lazy, selfish and indifferent side of myself gave me more and more confidence.

Six months later, things were different.

And it started with one shitty run in May. And then another. Then another.

Don’t wait until “conditions” are right. Do it now.

Kill the excuses or the excuses might just end up killing you.

The decision is ours.

Have you made yours?

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