When It Comes To Marriage Proposals, It IS Who You Know

When our story left off, I had just returned from Patagonia with a mind to propose to my (now) wife.

Going back to when we first met in that parking garage in Washington, DC, I was working as an intern for a Member of Congress.

Our first date was when I took her on a tour of the US Capitol building.

Years later, I knew it would be the perfect spot to propose.

The only problem: a Capitol dome tour must be signed off on personally by a Member of Congress.

I sent letters and emails. To every congressional office I had any connection to.

And I got nowhere.

It seemed that some folks were too busy to indulge my vanity. Go figure.

And then I mentioned my trouble in passing one night to a Freemason brother of mine.

Who also happened to be chief-of-staff to a Senator.

A week later we had the dome tour scheduled.

This story got me thinking.

All it took was asking the right person and everything came together.

Am I doing that today? Are you?

Are you telling people what your goals are? Do the right people know about those goals?

Even if you are clear about the direction you are going, even if you are asking the right questions; If you are asking the wrong person, you still won’t get anywhere.

Are we utilizing our networks to their maximum effectiveness?

If not, then why? And if not now, then when?

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