A Lesson From My Kid’s “Sick” Day

It was looking like a rather frustrating day at times.

To start the morning, my wife was sick. My oldest kid was sick yesterday. The youngest was sick over the weekend. (Am I next?!?!)

Due to the oldest being sick yesterday, we kept him out of school again today, just in case. (He is more than fine)

Coupled with the sicko wife, this was going to be a challenging day.

“Take-your-kid- to-work-day” must have been better when you actually took them to your office or place of work. The basement just doesn’t have the same magic.

Anyway, my child trashed the downstairs office by turning it into his lab with all his experiments and inventions. I’m not a neat freak, but damn, I almost died just trying to get a La Croix earlier. (picture included)

I work in sales. Some days your customers just have your number. This was one of those days. I got my ass kicked all over the place. I know from experience that some days are like this, but in the moment, it was frustrating as hell.

In the afternoon, we took our work outside to the patio. I continued to get more and more agitated by just about everything at this point.

Then my son said something disarmingly funny. It was so nonchalant that I can’t even specifically remember what it was he said.

But it made all the difference in the world.

Everything looked brighter when I looked up (picture included). I noticed the sound of the wind chimes and the singing of the birds. The afternoon sunlight came streaming onto the patio and reminded me that I am owed no such good fortune.

I realized I had spent the entire day with my oldest son. And that one day I would give anything for that to happen just one more time.

I realized this was sacred ground.

And in that moment, I was humbled. And grateful.

We think we are the ones teaching these kids.

The truth is these kids are the ones reminding us of all we forgot.

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