Exercise IS Medicine

Earlier today, I was feeling a bit under the weather (thanks to my previously sick kids and wife, whom I love very, very much).

It was a gorgeous day, the sky full of lazy clouds and radiant sunshine.

The baby was home since his daycare was closed for the day. The wife started a new job last week, so her attention was required elsewhere.

So I got the whole day with my infant (minus nap times). It was awesome and that is not sarcasm.

I wrote about an epiphany I had yesterday when I realized I should cherish the time I have with my children, especially while they are young.

That being said, I was tired. I felt tired.

It was also a running day. But then I started trying to come up with excuses about why I shouldn’t go today.

I’ve finally recognized what it means when I started making excuses. It means what I am avoiding is precisely what I need the most, but my mind is trying to trick me into being lazy.

Not today.

So I got my stuff together, grabbed the doggo and went for a run.

The fresh air was a great changeup given my congestion. The soft rays of the sun healed us as we ran.

And although we set no speed records today, we (me and the dog, I am not crazy) got out there and got it done.

For the rest of the day, my mood was buoyed. My patience was restored, and I had a great afternoon with the baby.

If you feel in a rut, get outside. Get some fresh air. Drink water. Get some sunshine. Stretch. Get some exercise.

Don’t like it? Get better.

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