Of Onesies and Poopy

I do one of those things where baby companies send you baby products to try. So you test it out, then write a review on it and get to keep the product.

Recently, I received a five-pack of neutral-colored onesies.

I am a thirty-eight year male. Writing about onesies with lambs all over them was never part of the plan.

Luckily, after writing every day for four months, I was able to quickly put together a product review.

Here it is:

First, these are stretchy, which is good. My little dude came into this world large (11 lbs, my wife is a champ) and has stayed that way since. The fabric is nice and soft and feels good to the touch.

The split-shoulder helps change messy and squirmy babies. It also makes for easy removal from the top down in case you need to go that way due to food disaster or poopy blowout.

Shout out to all you would-be dads, I want you to know these blowouts don’t happen often. But they can. And they do. And they will. And you’ll be glad for a product feature like this.

And there we have it.

Little did I know that I’d be spending this new-fangled skill development writing about infant onesies and poopy blowouts, but there were a lot of things I didn’t expect to find in this world.

I guess some things we find are never what we had in mind, we just kind of pick it up as we go along.

So it goes.

And it’s glorious, poopy and all.

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