Plateaus Suck. Happy Weekend.

After nearly 4 months of progress in so many ways, I feel frustrated.

The last week has been a real slog.

The demands of my job seem more pronounced. Several months of knocking out big sales goals has created some tension to keep that going.

Writing has seemed more difficult this week. Some days I struggle with topics. This week, topics have presented themselves well, but the content part has been a struggle. Flow has been a struggle. Rhythm, a struggle.

When it comes to running, I have been clocking around the same times for two months now. Little to no improvement, only maintenance (this is okay).


We reach them from time to time. Our skills improve to a certain point and then we level off. After periods of rapid improvement, this plateau area feels like a real bummer though.

But it should give us encouragement. It means we have hit a milestone of sorts. Our brains is reorganizing itself to be better, faster and more efficient.

Plateaus are the most frustrating part of a building phase.

But we should regard them as sacred ground.

Where we note our progress. We recalibrate our goals. We strategize how to achieve these new, better goals.

Tomorrow we plan.

Sunday, we share the plan.

On Monday, we work the plan.

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