Another Lesson on Life and Losing From the Golf Course

Last weekend I played golf with a buddy and two of his friends I hadn’t met before. It was a beautiful day and we had a good time.

The round is almost done, and we are playing our approach into the 17th hole green.

This one guy hits his shot and it bounces off the green and into the rough. He is pissed. I mean absolutely livid.

Cursing all the way up the hill, the guy goes into a larger existential rant about how government dollars are misspent, and the greens are in such crappy condition that he’ll never golf here again.

It seems insane to say this, but I’ve been thinking about it all week.

Because sometimes that’s life.

Sometimes we hit a good shot and it’s still not good enough.

Sometimes we play a good game or do a good job, and it’s still not enough to win the game or win the sale or win the whatever.

Sometimes we get a bad break, or catch a bad bounce, or whatever metaphor you want to use for getting unlucky.

Sometimes we try our best and it’s not good enough.

Which is why we practice. It’s why we work on getting better. It’s why we get up, dust ourselves off and go at it again.

Because next time maybe it will go our way.

But we must get back in the arena to find out.

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