Do Tired Dads Dream of Electric Sheep?

I was so tired today I fell asleep with a man’s hands in my mouth.

We should probably back up and explain.

The hands in the mouth belonged to my dentist. I had a cavity.

I fell asleep while he was operating on said cavity for a variety of reasons.

Our little covid-baby has been going through a sleep regression, which is a real bummer.

Last night I went running at 11:00pm. It was a cool night and it was a great run. No regrets there.

It was the only time of the day I could get it in. So it goes.

Then the baby was up at 5:00am. And he was ready to play, so play we did. Until 6:30am when he was exhausted again and went back to bed.

Which was coincidentally when the oldest little man woke up ready to wreck shop.

Mommy was at yoga because it’s the only time of the day she can get it in. So it goes.

And after getting the boys to school and working through lunch, I was tired.

So with my mouth wide open and a small drill on my bottom right molar, I felt myself drifting off to dreamland.

There are different levels to just about everything.

I sleep pretty well on airplanes. I’ve fallen asleep standing up in the shower.

But I’ve never fallen asleep with power tools inside my mouth.

That’s parent tired.

But it’s the good kind. It mean’s you’re engaged. It means you’re onto something. It means you’re pushing those limitations. Becoming better. Becoming wiser. Becoming stronger and more disciplined.

It also means you need to get more sleep.

Speaking of…

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