Interlude to Brag on My Mom

Last year was rough for my mother.

Cancer. Chemotherapy was hard on her. As if it could be easy for anyone.

Then my dad went from bad to worse all of a sudden and she lost her husband of 54 years just before Christmas.

Between sickness from the treatment and depression from losing her partner, she was unable to eat enough and almost died of complications due to malnourishment.

When I visited in February earlier this year, I thought I was losing both of my parents within a 3-month span. That slight brush made it feel like a lonely place.

But she slowly got better.

And after a few months in the hospital, we got her home.

Where she laid in bed for another couple months.

Before she got tired of feeling sorry for herself.

And then decided to do something about it.

Her doctor told us she may not walk anyone. If I’m being honest, I believed him at the time.

90 days ago, she could barely move her legs, if at all.

Yesterday, she took 120 steps.

90 days ago, her outlook was not great. Until she changed her mind.

She didn’t like it. She decided to get better.

I went through this last year when I came to a reckoning and had to get healthy.

And so can you. You are tougher than you know.

All it takes is 100 good days to change your life.


  1. I have known your beautiful for 60 years from school.
    She is tough, she is a fighter
    and she will come back from this stronger. We continue to pray for her.


  2. Judy and I have been known each other since grade school and she is one of my dearest friends. Judy will keep fighting and come back stronger. She will never give up….that isn’t in her plan!!!!
    Keep fighting girlfriend…we will talk soon. Love you dear friend.


  3. Judy is my aunt, my mom’s sister, and the last remaining family member that has known me my whole life and the only family I have left on my mom’s side. I can honestly say that I never doubted for a minute that she would walk again, maybe she wouldn’t run a marathon but she would definitely walk. Up until about 3 weeks ago, each time we spoke she had made a little progress in different areas but nothing that I would call significant. The physical therapist was doing a good job, in my opinion, and was telling her that she had to do certain things and if she didn’t he would basically say she was being lazy. It’s not that she was lazy or didn’t want to try, she just couldn’t physically do what he was asking of her. I told her as long as she was making progress, that’s all that matters. I tried to be encouraging all the while being scared that the last remaining link to the past, as far as family goes, was going to leave this world before I had a chance to see her. Well I’m proud to say that she did what I knew she could and even more. My Aunt Judy is a fighter and she wasn’t going to let this keep her down. I’m beyond happy for her and I know it won’t be long and another big milestone will be reached. Keep up the good work and know that we love you and are in your corner no matter what happens. Love always, Lanny & Kelly


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