Celebrate the Small Wins and Then Get Back to Work

I have tons of ideas to write about.

Dozens of titles. Columns on a spreadsheet filled with titles and quotations and content buckets.

And yet here I am, uninspired, by all of them.

Progress, despite all that makes it elusive and fulfilling and sexy, is a real bitch sometimes.

By all accounts, I should be sitting here with some degree of contentedness.

It was a good month for work and I managed to hit a big sales number while improving my game at demonstrating several new products. I fed my ambitions.

My wife and I went on a no-shit date night. We gorged ourselves on steak and martinis and told funny stories about our kids. I fed my heart.

We take these things for granted once we start families. By necessity, our communication becomes more transactional in nature. It is what it is, but fight these tendencies. Remember what got you there.

Speaking of those kids, I got to spend a lot of time with my children, who amaze me every day. I fed my soul.

I wrote and posted new content every day. I read a couple great books. I listened to fascinating podcasts. I fed my mind.

Lots of walks happened. So did 28 miles of running. I fed my…uh…cardiovascular system I guess.

And yet, I feel unfulfilled. Like I left things undone. Incomplete.

Because sometimes I get impatient.

And I want to put results over process.

But it doesn’t work that way.

So time to get back to work.

Welcome to the Grind.

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