Progress on the Primrose Path

Some days, if we are lucky, we can feel the progress we are making.

A new method at work finally clicks.

We hit a new personal best in our fitness goals.

Practice on the putting greens finally manifests itself on the scorecard.

Clear, measurable progress is attained.

And all those hours of study. Of practice. Of not being good enough.

Their true value becomes apparent. Not their cost. Their value.

Because those times when we didn’t measure up made us hungry to become the type of person who does.

And we did something about it.

There are times on the path when progress seems distant, when our goals seem so far out of reach that they may as well be dreams forever.

But then there are the days when our feedback loops are filled with clear signals of positive growth.

And we realize it’s worth it.

Earn more of these and watch your life change before your very eyes.

Happy weekend.

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