Saturday Edition: Don’t Like It? Get Better.

As usual, insight is found on the other side of doing the things you don’t want to.

After a few relatively uninspired days, something dawned on me. I realized this creative element of my life was a bit harder than most of the last 5 months. Tonight, it became clear that my current process no longer suits my current reality.

To be fair, I’ve never really had a set time for creative work. But when I started this daily writing adventure, my infant son wasn’t in the middle of a sleep regression.

On most normal days, by the time the day ended, I still had some reserves of creative energy because I was getting (more or less) enough rest.

The last couple weeks have worn me down a bit and made sustaining this part of the process more difficult than usual.

Instead of sitting down and being ready to think about my day and how I spent my time, I’ve sat here staring at my screen waiting for words to appear.

For months now, I’ve been writing about how if we don’t like something, it’s up to us to change it; to make it better.

It’s also another shining example of how showing up every day gives us plenty of actionable data if we are wise enough to realize it.

My creative process is no longer working as well and as such I don’t like it. Time to get better.

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