Life Wisdom From the King of Spring Break

15 years ago, while on Spring Break in Florida, a fraternity all-star told me something I would never forget.

On a cold early March afternoon while driving a pontoon boat full of our friends in full undergraduate party-mode, this all-around good bro dropped a tidbit of wisdom that has always stayed with me.

Maybe it was the bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel I held in my hand that seared the memory into my half-addled brain.

Maybe it was just a side-effect of getting together a group of 30 kids intent on having a good time and living the idea of youthful indiscretion to the fullest.

And maybe this guy simply served up an essential life truth to me at the tender age of 21.

What he said to me was this:

“Don’t tell them you’re cool, show them you’re cool.”

After the last 5 months of writing online every day, I think about this often.

It’s one thing to talk about living our lives in optimal ways. It’s quite another to actually live in that manner.

Writing every day has given me accountability like never before.

I’m a 38-year-old guy in Ohio with two precocious young kids, a kick-ass wife and a lazy dog.

I’m not cool.

I may never be cool.

But I also won’t be all talk ever again.

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