Expectations vs. Reality After Writing Online for 148 Straight Days

I only expected to write.

I didn’t expect to find everything else.

By everything else, I mean all the good things that came from this.

By this, I mean the online community that became online friends that became simply friends.

In the beginning, I thought the biggest benefit of writing online every day would be the fame and fortune I was sure to have showered upon me when my hidden talents were finally exhibited for the world to see.

It quickly became clear that nothing about the fame and fortune part was either true or going to be true.

To be sure, I have gained immensely from writing every day for the last five months and sharing those thoughts with the world. I’ve become more accountable. I’ve turned things I “should” do into things I “must” do. I think, and thus write, with greater clarity than ever before.

But the part that continues to surprise me are the connections with amazing people on each and every day I show up here.

Five months ago, Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole set me up with a writing accountability partner from Chicago.

Today, we met at the Lincoln Park Zoo. We ate lunch, talked writing and saw some cool animals while walking around with my wife and kids.

It’s not lost on me that I have many things to be grateful for.

Joining this community has only brought me many more.

Find the others. Find people that support your dreams and watch your life quickly change.

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