My Wife Left for a Two-Week Work Trip “Leaving” Me with our Two Young Kids. Am I Doomed?!?

My wife works in an industry that requires her to travel quite a bit.

For some context, she traveled 40 weeks out of 52 during the last year we lived in Washington, DC.

Between the pandemic and two young kids, her schedule has lightened considerably, which has been great over the last 18 months or so.

However, as the world forms some new “normal”, she’s back to being a road warrior.

I drove back from Chicago today with my two little ones. We left mommy there to work for the next two weeks. The drive was only about 5 hours, but those kids were tired little angels from a busy weekend. Even when Daddy may or may not have uttered a few curse words when Waze sent us down some crazy country roads around some interstate traffic.

And now we are home with babies tuckered out and tucked in. School and work loom large tomorrow morning.

Pray for sound sleep from the baby and happy dreams for the older brother.

It’s funny.

Some people ask how I feel about my wife being on the road while I am home with our precious babies.

While I may not have physically birthed them, I am their father and thus equally responsible for them in all things.

Being that I love those little dudes like nothing else in the world, it’s an absolute joy. An exhausting, but complete and utter joy.

Because if I’m being honest, I wasn’t as good a father the first time around with my older son. I wasn’t in as good a place. I lacked confidence which led to being less engaged. I suppose I now seek redemption of sorts.

And in the process, I rediscovered a great secret: that we can start being and becoming the person we want at any time we choose.

We are free the moment we wish to be.

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