Captains Log: Day 2 from the Wife’s 2-week Work Trip

After driving back from Chicago yesterday, the kiddos were wiped out from a busy weekend in the Windy City.

Naturally, they slept terribly.

In other words, we are off to a great start.

Luckily my darling wife got up with the baby the last few nights before, so I’ve got some reserves.

Either way, I was startled awake at 6am by the older one with the History of Egypt podcast still droning in my ears after midnight, 3am and 4am playdates with his younger brother.

So it goes.

After a good morning play-dough session, everyone was packed up and off to school.

I came home and got caught up from vacation, scheduled customer demonstrations for later in the week and put away 10% of monthly quota. Not bad.

It then occurred to me that I was probably going to need to make good choices with what to do with my lunch breaks. It seems that the two highest ROI activities I can do with this is to either exercise or nap.

Today was a beautiful day in southwest Ohio, so I took a walk and got some sunshine today.

And while I am sure the nap would have been good, I felt so much better after the walk that I had the most productive period of the day when I got back.

Another reminder that exercise IS medicine.

There are going to be moments where I am a less-than-perfect parent in the next couple weeks, but it’s been smooth sailing so far.

Take that Homer Simpson image of the American father.

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