If I Started a Fight Club, I Would Fight Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson can go fuck right off.

There. I said it.

Before I get burned in effigy for attacking a pop culture icon, let me explain my grievance.

When I look around at pop culture father figures, there seems to be a theme these days. Far too many of these dads are bumbling idiots.

Gone are the days of strong and principled fictional father characters like Atticus Finch, Mufasa and Henry Jones Sr. from Indiana Jones.

Now we have Al Bundy, Phil Dunphy and that Homer Simpson guy.


I for one, have had enough of the dopey dad moniker. Why do people tell me I’m so brave when I travel alone with my kids? Why do airline workers and flight attendants seemingly bend over backwards to accommodate me or even give me and my kids extra snacks on flights?

I know they are just trying to be nice, and I understand that they don’t really think I am hopeless; but where is that courtesy when moms are traveling by themselves with our children?

We’re still conditioned into thinking that fathers these days still fit traditional gender and family roles.

One look at the society we inhabit would suggest that these roles are shifting along with everything else.

And when I look at the increased role of fathers in the lives of our children, it gives me tremendous hope for the future.

Keep doing you Dads of the world.

I see you.

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