It’s Been 4 Days of Solo Dad Life So Far. How Are the Kids?

Everyone is alive.

The kids have been on time for school. No major injuries have been sustained. The doggo has been adequately fed and hasn’t even missed a single nap yet.

All is quiet on this front.

Yesterday I channeled some thoughts on how the image of the father in American popular culture seems to be a relative dope.

It could have been better. I wrote quickly and edited even quicker. The idea and the expression of that idea needs refinement. Honestly, Homer Simpson never did anything to me.

In retrospect, it was perhaps an aggressive stance. That being said, my sentiments remain the same; I only wish I’d had better words to express them.

Oh well.

As I considered this today, it then occurred to me that I was complaining.

And while I fail at this often, I try to live by a simple mantra.

No complaining; no excuses.

After all, if we don’t like it there is one sure way to get around it.

Get better.

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