Saving Graces from Friends on Twitter Spaces

For all that bravado Monday through Friday, the weekends are hard when you’re flying solo.

The oldest didn’t nap. When I suggested he maybe rest for a bit, I was met with backtalk and sass.

Rather than get outwardly angry, although I was a little peeved, I let it go to consider how to react.

The younger took a single nap, and while it was a good one, he is 10-months old. Without that second nap, he was a bit out-of-gas by late afternoon.

Couple that with his exhausted and hyper-emotional older brother and you can imagine there was a lot of crying going on.

By the time dinner was served, my reserves of patience and composure were nearly tapped out.

With mounting frustration, I walked around the house and surveyed the mayhem that has become the 1st floor. I checked my phone as I passed by.

Noticing my friend Arnold was hosting a Twitter Spaces meeting, I thought to jump in while my boys were relatively quiet for the first time all day.

And it was like walking into Cheers. On Twitter.

I was immediately amongst friends. Friends giving updates on the exciting and interesting things they were working on. Sharing their victories. Sharing their headaches. Sharing their lives.

It made me remember that managing energy, not time, is the key to getting the most out of our days.

Connecting with other people going through the same battles and continuing to make progress was incredibly motivating and inspiring.

And in that instant, I was healed.

Talk to the people that give you the juice. Do the things that give you the juice.

And then get back to getting after it.

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