How I Found Victory and Defeat in Cheesy Pasta

Today was Monday, the start of a brand-new week.

My office and the living room look like war zones (sorry honey).

The oldest was home from school today, but my wonderful in-laws took him for a few hours while I did my meetings for work today. It was another no nap day, so he was an emotional basket-case by the time bedtime rolled around.

He cried for nearly 15 minutes because he couldn’t put soap back into the bottle during his bath.

I tried to make it a teachable moment about how we can’t put some things back once they are out in the open, but he was NOT having any of that shit tonight.

So it goes.

In order to atone for my flagging patience and wisdom at the end of the day, I concocted a plan where I would work out and then make dinner for myself (which I’ve done most nights I might add).

But now I’m sitting here waiting for DoorDash to deliver cheesy pasta and garlic bread. I would like to call special emphasis to the sitting part.

The thing is, it’s really hard to expand in all directions every day. When we burn through all forms of energy like that, it’s ends up being unsustainable over time.

No amount of renewal rituals will save you from burning out when you try to burn hot all the time.

My wife gets back from work travel in 4 more days.

I got this. We got this. We all got this.

It’s a sprint to the finish.

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