A Lesson At Dawn From My Infant Son

Last night was rough.

The oldest woke up due to his feet falling asleep (odd sentence) and as sensation returned it hurt.

I considered telling him to just stomp it out until I saw it was only 1:30am.

Here we go.

After rubbing his feet and getting him back to bed, the baby wanted to party too. So we had a snack.

Then he kept losing his pacifier. Which makes him an unhappy baby in the night.

After several cycles of this, I got him calm about 4:30am to find that my repeated up-and-down motions had woken me up.

We can either pout and sulk, or we can make the best of it.

I came downstairs and went to work on things I’d been avoiding. The things that aren’t much fun. Returning the emails and messages that don’t drive the sexy results but are necessary to success all the same.

Truth be told, I am terrible at that part. I don’t do all the little things right all the time. I get lost in the grand gesture and don’t properly mind the details. This prevents me from being my best.

And I realized, today, at 4:30am while sitting in front of unanswered emails that I need to seek excellence in mundanity.

The best at what they do, in just about every field and occupation, are absolute masters of the fundamentals.

Because when it comes down it, there are no little things.

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