Why I Failed My Mentor Meeting Today

I got completely shut down during a meeting with a key mentor today.

It was brutal.

Sometimes I struggle with what to bring to mentor conversations.

But not today! The funny thing about this one was, I thought I had great progress to report on. I thought I was going to get some backslaps and some “attaboys”.

As I rattled off my recent advances and accomplishments, I honestly felt like a million bucks. I thought this was a clear sign of my taking things to the next level.

And then he said it.

After a few rambling minutes talking about me, he said “It sounds a bit like you’re only concerned with your own success. That’s selfish. What are you doing to help others reach their goals? That’s when things really get exciting.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have just lost cabin pressure.

He had me.

I was so wrapped up in pushing forward my own agenda that I lost sight of what it really takes to take things to level up in the workplace.

It’s done by elevating everyone else around you.

Being a baller individual contributor is fine. Great, even.

But if you want to be a leader, you have to make those around you better.

I got humbled a little bit today.

But I’m so glad I did.

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