3 Survival Tips for When Your Spouse Goes on Work Travel for the First Time Since Covid Hit

Many of us haven’t done this in a while. My wife just returned from a two-week work trip. Here are some strategies I wish I’d reminded myself of before it began.

1. Accept the Inevitable

Something will fall through the cracks.

You will forget to pack wipes, a bottle, the right jacket, etc. The I-pad may not get charged. You will be 5 minutes late to Every. Single. Thing.


It’s going to be fine. Perfect lives only happen on Instagram.

Do the best with you can with what you got and keep moving forward.

2. Meal Plan

This one is big.

Get home late and don’t have dinner prepared? That’s tough with two hungry kids and one set of hands.

They’re mad. They outnumber you. And their animal instincts are taking over.

A little meal prep goes a long way with small kids.

This goes for you too.

Nothing takes the sheen off the day quite like spending $25 eating Wendy’s from DoorDash.

3. Sleep when You Can

A no brainer, I know.

A luxury, I know.

But do you really need to watch the end of that Monday Night Football game?

Unless it is your team or your have lots of money on the outcome, the answer is no.

Go to bed.

Love, Your Future Self

Do these 3 things and not only will you survive your spouses’ work trips, you may even find yourself healthier, wealthier and wiser on the other end.

Good luck!

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