I Think I Need a Sunday Night Routine

As I sit here late on Sunday evening, my thoughts already started turning towards the new week.

At first I was troubled by this; but then I remembered I spent 15 minutes thinking about the things I felt gracious about this past week. I even considered writing about those things.

Then I thought about maybe I should be collecting these gracious moments.

I also considered opening up my work email to see if anything would be needing immediate attention tomorrow.

It also occurred to me I should probably get a good stretch while I watch the last bit of Sunday Night Football between two teams I do not care about. Or maybe some pushups? Maybe just settle for a light stretch.

Or perhaps I should spend this time reading?

Then again, I’ve been slacking on meditation practice. I keep avoiding it for precisely this reason.

Maybe I need to de-clutter my workspace first. Then perhaps I’ll be in the right mindset for meditation.

Oh dang, that load of laundry is still in the wash. If I leave it in there tonight, I’ll have to redo it tomorrow.

But now I realize just how tired I am.

And these things will all still be available tomorrow.

The grind can wait until tomorrow.

But should it?

What is your Sunday secret-weapon?

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