Info to Help Your Kids Not Suck

I started collecting parenting wisdom, anecdotes, articles and advice long before I became a father. I put these together in what became a nearly 30-page document I entitled “Info the Help Your Kids Not Suck”.

Topics range from what kinds of wallpaper are best for the promotion of eye development to language acquisition strategies to questions to ask your kids that aren’t just “How was your day?”

Even four years later, I still go back to review it from time to time.

If nothing else, there are a few prevailing strategies to make your parenting life easier and potentially more fulfilling.

The biggest one is also the simplest (which for some reason also makes it the hardest to do well): Talk to your children. That’s it.

Here is the science: when you talk to your child, more synaptic connections are formed. In simple terms, synapses are like nodes where brain signals are transmitted from one nerve cell to the next. The more connections that are formed between these nodes in the brain, the more efficiently these learning connections are created.

So what?

Those synapses that are formed make subsequent learning easier and faster. It is literally what makes you smarter.

A child that hears more words won’t just simply have more of these connections formed in the brain.

Every cell in the brain can become interconnected to hundreds of other cells by thousands of synapses.

This effect on the brain isn’t cumulative, it’s exponential.

Talking to your children from birth gives them an incalculable advantage.

In a world where communication is ever more important, help them not suck.

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