7 Years Ago Today, I Took Pabst Blue Ribbon into the White House

Seven years ago today, I took a 12-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon into the White House.

We didn’t get to meet the President or anything extraordinary like that.

Instead, we went bowling.

Let me back up and set the stage.

It was the final year of MBA program. I was selling defense hardware for the world’s largest aerospace company.

I was the senior warden of my masonic lodge.

I had just gotten 3rd place in the Mr. DC pageant, a partner of the much more famous and formal Miss America.

I thought I had figured things out.

Things were on the up and up.

And yet, here we are 7 years, a move to Ohio, and two kids later.

Only just now on the cusp of regaining the momentum I once had.

What happened?

Somehow, I lost that momentum, that mojo. I lost sight of myself. I got lost in the Wilderness.

I let my ego make demands I wasn’t ready to make the sacrifices for.

Pride was my undoing; it’s no wonder why it’s considered a deadly sin.

It hurt me. It hurt my relationships. It hurt my career. It even hurt my health.

But I snapped out of it before I lost everything.

For those who are willing to fight for it, life has a flavor that few will ever know.

Fight for the things that matter.

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