Life Happens Between the Tweets

When you start creating everyday, some days you have it; and some days you don’t.

Some days you’ll try and ascribe some higher meaning to some mundane activity; take the philosophical slant and reach, reach, reach. Sometimes it even works.

And some days you just say the hell with it.

As I sit here tonight and take stock of the day, I have little to comment about it.

It happened. It made me happy. I feel good about it.

By all accounts it was a nice Saturday.

The oldest went to soccer. The youngest is feeling well again after being sick during the work week (YAY!?!)

We spent time with family. We carved another pumpkin for Halloween. We had a nice and healthy home-cooked dinner.

I even got to grab a round of disc golf in the rain with my neighbor while everyone took a nap this afternoon.

I love everything that has resulted in writing and sharing this online, with you, every day for the last almost six months.

But sometimes I have to remind myself:

Life happens between the tweets.

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