Stay in the Arena, Stay in the Fight

When we are on the grind every day, sometimes things start to stack up.

One could make the argument that this is precisely the time to be hardest on ourselves.

Maybe it is the perfect time to lean into discipline.

Then again, maybe it’s precisely the time to forgive yourself.

It’s hard to sustain that kind of intensity across the board, in all our pursuits, day in and day out.

Is it unreasonable to expect daily progress? How do we know when we expect too much of ourselves?

How do we get back on track when our forward progress throws us out of balance?

When in doubt, just take the next positive action.

Then do the next positive thing.

Then the next.

All it takes is one to bring it all together.

Give yourself a chance.

Keep moving forward.

Even when you don’t feel like it. Even when you don’t think your efforts are worth it.

Do it anyway.

You never know when you’ll be glad you did.

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