My Almost Forrest Gump Moment

I almost had that Forrest Gump moment last week.

Maybe you know the one.

It’s the one where he’s running through the desert after crisscrossing the country several times, when he just stops.

And walks home.

I was questioning my motivations. I was questioning my abilities. I was questioning my “why”.

And then I read an essay about intent.

It took about a week to sink in as I thought about it.

I’ve exhausted all my played-out themes, tropes, and half-baked ideas.

The reason for my struggle was because I’ve now reached the point where the sidewalk ends.

Only two paths remain.

1. Quit. Pat myself on the back, say nice little experiment.

2. Or double down. And go ALL-IN.

The answers we seek are often on the other side of when things gets hard.

We just have to push through and keep going to find those insights.

In almost throwing in the towel, I ended up rediscovering my driving intentions.

Some things we find are never what we had in mind, I guess we just pick it up as we go along.

Stay on the path.

You won’t regret it.

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