Be Selfish With Your Time Like Your Life Depends On It

Because it sure as shit does.

About a year and a half ago I found myself at an unhealthy crossroads.

I was overweight, depressed, and badly out-of-shape.

After the birth of our first child, I let go of the rope when it came to maintaining healthy habits. I quit running. My diet became loaded with trash. I drank too much and stayed up late playing video games and going down YouTube rabbit holes.

I told myself I wasn’t taking the time to run, or cook because I was allowing for more time to help with the baby. I then told myself that I was staying up late to balance myself out from all that hard work helping out with the new baby. Yeah right.

Looking back, I can scarcely believe these insane lies I told myself.

As I went further down this dark and unhealthy path, I had less and less energy. I had less motivation than at any point in my life. I even looked like this discount version of myself.

But one afternoon last May, after snapping at my child with my wife newly pregnant, it occurred to me that this shitty, awful version of myself was the result of those “sacrifices” I had been making.

I can tell you from this experience that you do not want to come to the startling realization that you are indeed your own worst enemy.

This decision day led to a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reawakening

This rebirth has led to what is now the most exciting period of my life heretofore.

Tomorrow, we’ll go through each of these in turn.

Tonight, I leave you with this:

Take care of yourself first. If you don’t, you’ll never be able to do anything more than just get by.

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