Weak Ends to Weekends

Some days you feel like you have all the momentum in the world.

And some days you sit there at the end of the night eating pizza, alone and in the dark. Even the dog already went to bed.

My wife left on a work trip this morning and it was a full day with the boys. A full day inside since it was cold and blustering outside today. We got some snow, but it was quickly washed away in icy rains.


I had these ideas of reading and cooking pasta with vegetables after putting the kids to bed. Instead I watched football and ate said pizza.

A couple years ago, I would have been frustrated with myself.

Not because I was too tired to muster my best efforts across the board tonight.

But because that was every night.

It’s okay to take a moment when we are on the grind.

In fact we need it.

We need periods of recovery in order to perform at our best.

So maybe I didn’t get smarter or stronger or even eat well tonight.

But it’s okay.

Tomorrow I’ll be ready to go at it again.

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