One Great Lesson From Pre-Historic Hunters

For millennia, humans hunted the largest game by running them down.

In relative terms, humans are not fast. We are not strong. We have no natural defenses or weapons.

How did we hunt large game; essential to providing the regular protein required for our early brain development and hence the forward progress of all civilization?

It came from our big butt muscles.

While not fast, being upright and having sweat glands gives us unparalleled endurance in running. No other animal comes close.

We would run our prey to exhaustion.

Our relentlessness has led us from humble beginnings into a space-faring species.

Face it.

We aren’t quitters.

And neither are you.

Relentlessly pursue the things that are important to you.

Stay on the path.

Stay in the fight.

And find victory.

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