The Extra Sauce

For all our bustle and bravado about this hustle culture, the extra mile is still a lonely road.

It’s true.

We talk a lot of shit these days.

Numerous books, countless articles and endless hours of podcast conversation can tell you everything you need to know about how to be more and become more.

Be stronger. Be smarter. Be faster. Be sexier. In all things, be more. And be more now. Now, now and now!

And yet, our world is awash in mediocrity. In some circles we even glorify it.

So what’s the real difference between okay and great?

In most cases, it’s simple.

It’s just a little bit more.

The Extra Sauce.

Your steak dinner is a bit bland? Extra sauce.

Your job feels stale? Work out of the funk. Bring the extra sauce to your daily grind.

Want to attract better relationships to your life? Bring the sauce to your relationships.

Want to get in shape but struggling to make progress? Bring. The. Sauce.

And sometimes, you just want extra sauce. Because YOLO.

Bring the extra sauce.

At the very least, you’ll get invited to more parties.

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