10 Things in Papa’s Brand New (Sunday) Bag

If the secret to getting ahead is getting started, then where do we start?

I’ve long thought that my lack of a routine on Sunday prevents me from starting the week as effectively as I could.

After doing some writing and thinking about this over the last few weeks, I came up with something to test out while flying back from Philadelphia yesterday.

So here we go:

1. Create a punch list of all unanswered/unfinished tasks from work email – no more dwelling on the undone. Get them organized organized and get them done.

2. Decide on top three priorities for Monday – the first step to getting what you want? Decide what you want.

3. Identify most important opportunities on calendar and begin to game plan – sometimes a little polish at the right time and place makes all the difference.

4. Setup for morning routine. Make it easier to get started.

5. Update “Good Life List” -gratitude exercise where I keep track of things for which I am most thankful

6. Two sets of pushups and crunches – small action beats glorious inaction.

7. Full body stretch and hit the foam roller for hips, hamstrings, and back.

8. Ten minute guided mediation on Headspace.

9. Read for ten minutes. It can be whatever you want. It just has to be a book.

10. Brush, floss and go to sleep. No YouTube rabbit holes. No Twitter scrolling. No checking fantasy football scores. Those things will be there tomorrow.

Tomorrow evening I’ll do a follow up to see if this had any effect on my Monday.

What is your secret to a winning Sunday?

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