How Today Went After Failing My New Sunday “Routine”

Surprise, surprise it went about as well as could be expected.

Maybe 10 items were a bit on the ambitious side.

That being said, there were some good things that came from this attempt.

Which means that we can do even better next Sunday, leading us to do even better next Monday.

1. Create punch list. I did this. It helped enormously to identify what I needed to do today.

2. Determine priorities. Did this one too, but only wrote down two.

3. ID most important opportunity. Looked at the calendar, but didn’t do this specifically.

4. Setup for AM routine. Did not do this. As such, a new morning routine was not tested today.

5. Update “Good Life List”. Did not do this. Room for improvement.

6. Two sets of pushups and crunches. Did not do this. Room for improvement.

7. Stretch and Foam Roller. Did stretch, but not enough. No foam roller.

8. Guided meditation. Did this, but not for full 10 minutes.

9. Read. Did not do this. Room for improvement.

10. Brush, floss and go to sleep. Did this. The baby woke up about 10 minutes after I laid down, so I went ahead and got the first shift.

So what do we have? Some gains. Lots left undone.

Honestly, this may as well be untested.

I’ve changed my mind.

This is a frustrating lack of discipline.

Because discipline equals freedom, and we are free the moment we wish to be.

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