Per Ardua, Ad Astra

After 4 days of food, family and revelry, it’s over.

Thanksgiving 2021 is in the books.

We made it.

And following a muted affair last year due to Covid and my wife about to have a baby at any second, it was a great chance to see family.

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve spent time with both my extended family and that of my wife.

The back-to-back experiences yet again drove home how truly fortunate I find myself in this life.

It also drove home how different things are these days.

The last time many of these folks saw me, it was before the pandemic.

When I was that other version of myself. The one that sucked.

With a moment of peace, I’ve reflected on what changes have been wrought since then.

I thought about the time when my fundamental belief in myself was compromised. When I doubted my abilities. When I lost myself in the Wilderness, and when I wasn’t sure I could get off the mat.

Then I thought about the now.

And was filled with humble gratitude.

The process of becoming healthy again in body, mind and spirit has been an arduous one.

But it’s also been the most consequential and compelling period of my life.

I took responsibility for myself and the damnedest thing happened.

I became hungry once more to accomplish my most important dreams and aspirations.

And since that day, I found a peace I never before knew.

It was the peace that only comes from clarity of purpose.

Lost, but now am Found.

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