One Lesson From a 100 Day Tweet Challenge

Back in August, I got roped into doing a 100-day Twitter challenge.

Like so many people, consistency has always been a nemesis of mine.

Not to mention, I have a natural aversion to oversharing, so going from 1 standalone tweet per day to 2 was daunting. I am only half kidding on this.

The final count? I made it 94 out of 100 days.

I tweeted quotes. I tweeted played-out tropes and platitudes.

I tweeted pictures of playing golf and running and walks at lunch.

But most of all, I tweeted about my kids.

In the end, it never really mattered what it was about.

What mattered was showing up.

It shouldn’t surprise me at this point, but it still does for some reason: showing up every day is half the battle.

Consistency will bring some days that are just average. There will still be days when you question your abilities, your effort and whether it’s all worth it or not.

But consistency can also help improve your skills, build confidence and push boundaries as expectations of yourself continue to rise.

And without that consistency, the real breakthroughs are always just out of reach.

Give yourself a chance to win the big one.

Show up. Every. Day.

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