Throwing of the Gauntlet: Quotes for Philosophical Dads

There are two schools of thought for creative achievements.

In one, there’s the idea that we should do our work in the darkness.

In the other, a conviction that building in public is the way to keep ourselves accountable.

I’ve always been one of the ones that tended to subscribe to the first school of thought.

However, under that program I produced a grand total of nothing.

So, let’s try it the other way.

But what can I offer the world that it doesn’t already have?

Maybe I’m thinking about the question the wrong way, it’s not about what the world doesn’t have, it’s what the world doesn’t have enough of.

I don’t know much in this world, but I know this:

Being a father is hard.

But if we do it right, it can be among the most rewarding of human experiences.

For a decade, I collected quotes from people way smarter and wiser than I’ll ever hope to be.

Before the end of 2021, I am committing to finishing a first edition ebook of some of these collected thoughts as they pertain to parenthood, and fatherhood in particular.

Here we go.

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