Why Progress and Renewal Rituals Both Matter Every Damn Weekend

Once we commit to actually go after the things that inspire us the most, our lives start to change.

Those things we “should” do turn into the things we “must” do.

Happy thoughts and delusions of grandeur are replaced by action and progress.

We find ourselves on the path; protagonists of our own hero’s journey.

Your downtime turns into time spent working on your craft. Working on your goals.

Every night, your thoughts turn towards this progression just before drifting off to sleep.

To some degree, we become obsessed.

Perhaps it’s a natural byproduct of when those small victories start to add up.

It’s like a drug.

We think to ourselves, “These things are going well and I am getting good results; thus I should take on more things to get more good results.”

Until you stretch yourself too thin and potentially weaken something that matters to you.

Which is why we need grounding.

When we are in those periods of growth and new frontiers, we must have equally powerful recovery rituals.

Mine currently center around my wife and kids, disc golf and spicy noodles.

Elite athletes know that their rest and recuperation periods are just as important as the physical and mental workouts they perform.

The same goes for anyone trying to push forward into a better version of themselves.

If you are lucky enough to live to age 80, you get about 4000 weekends in your life.

Make this one count.

And be ready to come out swinging on Monday.

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