I Sucked At Disc Golf, So I Got Better. But What If I Got Better at Something That Matters?

Earlier in the year I bought a disc golf basket to practice putting at home.

Bear with me while I explain.

I enjoy golf.

I also have two young kids.

So being gone for 5+ hours while I play 18 holes is kind of asking a lot of my wife who works very hard at being a great mom, a supportive partner and driven career-woman.

That’s not to say I can’t, and don’t, from time to time.

But honestly, my children are a big part of renewal for me as well.

I don’t feel the need to separate for longer periods of time to maintain my sanity.

It’s okay if you do. You do you.

Back to where we were going with the disc golf thing.

Golf can take a long time. And it can be pretty expensive. Especially if you are playing nice courses.

And then you start talking about country club memberships? GTFO with that.

Earlier in the year, I played disc golf for the first time since college.

It was pretty fun. It was outside. You got to get some walking in. It’s low-stress on both body and mind.

It also only takes a little over an hour to play a round.

Perfect for those of us with condensed free time these days.

As with most things early on, I sucked at it.

But I got the equipment to practice with and have seen my skill increase enormously in a short period of time.

It got me thinking.

What other areas of my life would it be good to get better results?

What if I spent time working on my sales skills?

What if I spent more time reading, writing and thinking?

What if I spent more time engaged with the people I love?

What if indeed?

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