All In or Nothing At All

When Hernan Cortés landed in the “new world” in 1519, he ordered his men to burn the ships, sending a clear message that there was no turning back.

By setting ablaze the only immediate measure of escape, all choice in the matter was removed, leaving only victory or death.

Fast forward to today.

Why are we sometimes so tentative about the things that are most important to us?

Do we secretly think we don’t deserve the things we want?

Are we all crazy?

Are we all scared of actually winning? Maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger said it best when he quipped that “Everyone pities the weak. Jealousy, you have to earn.”

And most frustratingly of all, why do we think we can’t make a difference?

I used to fear trying my best because if I still came up short I thought it meant I’d be found wanting forever. Inadequate forever. Plain and simple not-good-enough; forever.

I also used to sit around and wish someone would just recognize my undeniable talent and wit and charm (delusional LOL).

Now I know better.

Now I know that what we seek can only be found by going to the Arena.

And if we cannot surmount the challenge as we are today, we must grow to meet that challenge.

While the story about Cortés (like most history) is embellished and exaggerated, the lesson of the parable remains the same.

All in or nothing at all.

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