Good Begets Good

Do you ever sit there with your mind going in a thousand different directions?

In my office, I sit in front of three screens. It’s now almost 10pm and one of those screens has work email on it.

What the hell is wrong with me?

The truth is that the change in the scope of my responsibility has made me far more reactive than ever. I spend much more of my day on the phone. While email, customer demands and requests from internal partners stack up.

So it goes.

Dare I remind myself that I asked for this? Looks like I better figure out how to make it work.

I also joined StepBet, so I still have to get a few thousand steps tonight or I kiss my $10 challenge goodbye.

Good thing it’s 23 degrees and snowed earlier. Welcome to Ohio in December.

What a life.

And then here we are, still going strong after 207 straight days of writing, sharing and connecting.

With two young kids and a wife whose bandwidth is in high demand by a lot of parties, sometimes no pun intended. (she’s an event planner, that was an event planner joke)

It seems that as I have stacked better habits, I’ve gotten better results.

Which has given me the confidence, patience and newly found abilities to stack even better habits and challenges.

Which brings us to the whole point.

Good begets good.

You can literally change your life by adding one good habit at a time.

Start today.

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