The Juice

There are certain times in our lives when more is required.

Usually, these times are also periods of great growth and opportunity.

The catch is they show up dressed as hard work.

And as such, we don’t recognize them sometimes.

Perhaps it’s understandable.

During these periods, the volume gets turned up.

We start getting more email, more phone calls, more meeting notices, more requests for assistance, more supplications for largesse, more talk, more chatter, and more noise.

We get tired and worn down. We start to question our abilities and our motivations.

It is then that we must ask ourselves, are we truly exhausted or are we just uncomfortable?

Put simply, obstacles disguised as distractions threaten to steal away our hard-earned progress.

So we double-down.

We learn, we train, we grow.

And maybe, if we prepare the right way, we rise to the occasion.

If it’s been a while since you had to bring The Juice, I implore you, find these frontiers in your life.

And then shatter them.

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