The Final Lesson From My Worst Interview Failure

When our story left off, I had just found out I was about to get my ass kicked by a bunch of superhumans.

I was at a dinner for the candidates of a leadership development program for a major conglomerate.

Every one of the other candidates I met was a perfect blend of engineering and business talent mixed with elite education and training. I couldn’t even dislike them. They were engaging and nice, perhaps even cool. They even had that going for them.

That’s some shit.

I told myself I was “honored just to compete”. Whatever the fuck that meant.

The next day came and went.

I did okay.

But okay is not good enough.

I had earned a shot at something with interesting potential but failed to prepare for the opportunity.

It was, at the time, the biggest opportunity of my professional career and I didn’t prepare as well as I could.

Because my fragile little ego couldn’t take it if I tried my best and still came up short.

Not something I’m overly proud to write.

Over the last year, I have often written about how I used to fear failure in the worst way.

That fear has now been replaced by something else.

The fear of not going for it.

The fear of dying one day with a bunch of “what ifs” that never got answered.

When it comes to the things we want, and I mean the things we really want deep down, there’s only one way to get it.

All in or nothing at all.

Burn the ships.

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