Training IS the Superpower

As demands upon my work hours have increased, there just seems to be more of everything.

More emails. More phone calls. More expectations. More quota. More of it all. Just more, dammit.

More of lots of things.

Except one.

I noticed my daily activity going down dramatically.

Which worried me.

I’ve been down that road before. That’s the one that leads back to the Wilderness. Back to the person I swore I’d never be again.

It also quickly became clear that this new rhythm was expending nearly all my mental energy during the day.

By the time the kids are bathed, with brushed teeth and asleep, dinner served, said dinner cleaned up and my wife and I actually talk face-to-face for 10 minutes (which is crazy when you both work from home only one story away from each other) it hasn’t been leaving a lot of gas left in the tank.

Which is precisely why I need it the most. Right here and right now.

What do we do when we commit to something outside of our current abilities?

We train. We get uncomfortable. We push beyond our limits, rest, recover and get stronger.

If we are prudent and vigilant, our skills and abilities will grow beyond their current limitations.

And once you start to surprise yourself with newfound powers, you’ll never want to stop.  

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