The Case of the Mondays

I was feeling it a bit earlier today.

It seemed like things were stacking up, with so little time left in the year to get them done.

It bothered me all the while cooking dinner. It bothered me while eating dinner with my wife, barely talking to each other because we are exhausted.

We are IN IT right now.

Both of us are taking on major new challenges at work right now, and our precious 1-year old baby is a sucky sleeper.

Burning mental, physical and emotional energies at such a high level is rough.

If you asked us on most days however, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Going back to today, I was feeling a moment of doubt. A pang of “you’re not good enough”.

So I went on a walk.

As I strolled through the Christmas lights and brisk winter air, I started to feel better.

Perhaps it’s simply getting the blood moving after a long day of sitting for work. Perhaps it’s the endorphins working their magical brain chemistry.

Or perhaps it’s the fact that when we walk, we think.

And when we think, it goes far beyond mere recollections.

When our thoughts wander, our brains are synthesizing, analyzing and generating connections and abstractions where we previously didn’t detect them.

It’s amazing to me sometimes that we live in a world of such wonders, and yet we never take the time to think anymore.

Our creativity, our ingenuity and our thoughtfulness are the secret sauces to the technological tools we have available to us.

By the time I got back from the walk, I had formulated a plan.

Sometimes we just have to remember to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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