Another Day, Another Egg on My Face Meeting with a Mentor

Last night, I wrote about how there was this feeling that things were stacking up. I went on about how I went on a walk and formulated a plan that was going to get me back on top of my game.

Then today happened.

Feeling reasonably confident in my newfound energy, I went into a meeting with a key mentor of mine with a pretty optimistic agenda.

Which got derailed right off the bat when they pointed out that my profile picture in Teams looked more like something I’d use as a Facebook profile pic just after college graduation.

Tuxedos are great, but we don’t wear them to work.


He went on to say that if I planned to lead teams of sales professionals, I should probably take more effort to look the part.

Then he closed by commenting that while many folks are still working from home, it’s not new anymore.

That meant improving my lighting and background for video calls. It was time to step up my game because my current setup was distracting as all hell.

Well dang.

But he was right.

Both total blind spots.

And both great reminders that there are no little things.

Feeling a bit deflated, I got back to work.

And then I got mad, but the right kind of mad.

It was the mad that spurs us to action. The mad that makes us do the things we’ve been avoiding.

The mad that makes us face the truth.

Which means I was given an invaluable gift today.

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