Holiday Travel Stories with Two Young Kids

We got up about 3:00 am to head to the airport.

After getting our bags checked, we went over to security.

But upon checking boarding passes, we found an interesting discovery.

My wife and preschooler had TSA precheck, the baby and I did not.

Typically not that big a deal. But today those airports were packed.

After 15 minutes of nearly standing still in line, my wife called to say the gate agent gave me 5 minutes to make that flight.

Time to make some new friends who were in front of me in line.

I hauled out the baby and it was like the bank scene from the movie Tommy Boy:

“Excuse me this will only take a second”.

We made it through and onto the plane with seconds to go.

And it was all thanks to the largesse of the other passengers waiting in line at the Pensacola airport about 5:40 this morning.

But we made it.

Only to be delayed in DC for a few hours.

No worries.

I ate a cheeseburger from Five Guys for breakfast.

We chased the kids around for the next couple hours trying to tire them out.

What happened was the kids got us too.

The baby slept in my arms on both flights. And I mercifully I got a couple cat naps in the process.

And now we are home, exhausted and spent.

But ready to get right back to it in the morning.

And praying the baby sleeps tonight!

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