2021 in Review: Wiser?

It’s an hour to midnight, and with it, the New Year.

My wife and I just got back from dinner with her parents. The kids are tucked in and asleep. The babysitter paid and delivered home.

Over the last couple nights, I’ve reviewed how 2021 has resulted in my goals of “healthier, wealthier and wiser.” We have only wisdom left to take stock of.

But how we could even measure such a thing?

How could I even prove it? Healthier is easy. There are simple metrics that can suggest whether I am, in fact, in better health now than I was last year. Same with wealthier; there’s a simple way to determine progress. But not so with wisdom.

I do know these things.

1.       Joining an amazing community provides endless inspiration and energy; it matters who you’re going with

2.       Whatever skills or abilities or talents I have or think I have, there are people out there with those talents in elite proportions; it’s pointless to be a hater, learn from them

3.       Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to read to be a writer; you just have to write

4.       I still know absolutely nothing, but I’m learning all the time

This was the year where I also finally learned the one thing that ties it all together: taking action.

The distance between where we currently are, and where we want to be isn’t really that far. If we want to do something, all we have to do is do it.

Because when we adopt this mindset, every day is New Year’s Day.

Good luck and God speed.

Happy 2022.

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