3 Behaviors that Made 2021 My Best Year Yet

I’m a pretty typical guy. I have a lovely wife and two rowdy young kids, both boys. Since the pandemic began, I’ve been working from home, and in that time, I’ve completely changed the way I live my life for the better.

This past year was a challenging time for many, but it’s ended up being the most exciting time of my life that didn’t involve marrying my wife or witnessing the birth of my children.

As I’ve thought about it, there are several key behaviors that have gotten me further than others. While I can’t guarantee specific results, I can say without a doubt that these have resulted in a better life.

Physical fitness: it’s the ultimate competitive advantage. All other energy comes from your physical state. If your diet is trash or you don’t work out, you are limiting yourself. A little discipline goes a long way and makes every other behavior easier to add to your daily routine.

Writing everyday: If working out enhances our physical well-being, so writing every day supports our mental clarity. It was truly astonishing to see what kind of focus came out of this habit. I cannot recommend this enough.

Quit drinking alcohol: I should probably talk about this more. I spent too much time sucking down beers and playing video games late into the night until May of 2020. Now I spend my nights walking the dog, doing that daily writing and connecting with cool ass humans online.

In the writing of this, I realized there were several more, so there’s more to come.

Stay tuned.

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